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All tickets are not refundable.  

Event cancellation

Cancellation notification- Participants and volunteers will receive an email notification within two hours of the decision made to cancel the event. The cancellation will be posted on our social media pages. 


Event cancellation - postponement!

In the event that an event is canceled for any reason registered participants will have the following options:

  1. Postponement to next year's event: All participants will automatically have their registration transferred to the next year's event.

  2. Transfer to another event: Participants can choose to attend an event in a different location and there will be no transfer fee for this option. 


Registration Fees and Notes:

  • GST/ HST will be added to the registration fee in the provinces where required.

  • Online registration will close at 11:59 pm on the day before the event.

  • All prices listed in Canadian Dollars.

  • Transfer of race registration to another person can be done by written request to the event organizer. Bubble Chase 5k and Registration service are not responsible for transferring funds from registration transfers there will be approximately $15 fee charged to the new participant. 

  • Participants under the age of 13 must have a parent or guardian present at the time of check-in.  

  • The Event Organizers reserve the right to deny entries or registration changes for any reason.

Weather Policy


  • Bubble Chase 5k will go ahead rain, shine or snow. In the case of severe weather such as lightning, the event will either be delayed until the weather clears, postponed until the next day, rescheduled for another day or canceled altogether.

  • While there are no scheduled “rain out” days, the event may be postponed until the following day at certain locations.  In the case of significantly inclement weather (i.e. lightning in the area or high winds), we reserve the right to alter components of the event or course to address safety concerns, or potentially delay, postpone or cancel the event. Also, while we desire not to cancel the event, our facility and/or municipalities may force the cancellation of the event.

  • In such situations, there will be No Refunds of entry fees. Each athlete must accept any such risk of their entry fee. Monies collected have already been used to develop and produce the event. We promise to make every effort to produce a fair, safe and exciting event. Any decision made to go forth with the event is contingent on the overall event and course safety and is made in collectively with local risk management, police, fire & rescue, and medical personnel as appropriate.

  • We reserve the right to withhold any obstacles to maintain a safe course for all runners.


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